Zen Internet is the largest independently-owned telecommunications and technology service provider in the UK, providing a full range of connectivity, voice, hosting and infrastructure services to homes and businesses across the UK.

Zen provides its customers with the capabilities they need to communicate, collaborate and thrive in a connected world, all supported by a highly robust and resilient network.

Zen provides a wide range of Ethernet Leased Line & MPLS services, business-grade broadband, and cloud solutions suited to business and corporate customers directly and through a network of channel and wholesale partners.

Zen is renowned for delivering excellent customer service and technical support, and this is reflected in the many awards it has achieved over the years, including; Comms National Awards Best ISP, ISPA Best Wholesale ISP, PC Pro’s Best Internet Service Provider, the UK IT Industry Award for Services Company of the Year, a UK Customer Experience Silver Award for Technology & Telecoms, and the company was again recently named a Which? Recommended Provider for Broadband Services.

Zen employs more than 500 staff and last year was listed as a Sunday Times 100 Best Companies To Work For.

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Soluno is one of the largest and most expansive carrier-independent UCaaS suppliers for the Nordic market. With focus on corporate customers, they strive to deliver the market’s most advanced cloud PBX solutions to meet customers as professionally as possible and facilitate work, with the latest technology in telecom. The goal is to offer solutions that work on all units, across all carriers, and can be integrated with an abundance of CRM systems. Today, Soluno has end-users distributed over many countries in Europe, with operations in Sweden and the Netherlands through local offices.

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We are Glide

We’re proud to be one of the very few ISPs physically laying our own fibre from our own infrastructure and roadside green cabinets to the national 100Gbit/s core. From here we're unleashing fibre to business parks and industrial estates across the UK to supply full fibre broadband to the hard-to-reach sites left behind by most Internet Service Providers.

Our unique national fibre footprint is now available for you to provide the best in class broadband that your customers deserve. Using our dedicated fibre network, we are coming to the rescue of poorly connected businesses everywhere. Whether your customers are using business-grade apps, driving cost efficiencies via the cloud or connecting multiple sites, we can provide you with a solution to futureproof your customer’s needs. Our promise of broadband built for business means that you can provide your customers a faster better solution previously unavailable that stands head and shoulders above anything else on the market.

Glide partners benefit from access to a unique and expanding infrastructure footprint, giving them inroads to customers all over the UK, from urban areas to hard-to-reach sites.

And with our robust network infrastructure and technologies used by thousands of businesses, our channel partners have the tools they need to provide more robust and future-proof end-user solutions.

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The Layer is the leading CRM platform for the telecoms & IT sector. Working closely with our customers, we deliver innovative solutions which address the unique and challenging issues in this industry, resulting in a return on investment through revenue protection, process efficiencies and increased structure.

With solutions for marketing, sales, ordering, stock, service, finance & reporting, The Layer is a single point of reference for everything from prospecting through to financial reconciliation. The service is delivered via one open platform, complete with an API for further extension & customisation.

With innovation & inclusion at the heart of our company’s culture, the team is constantly enhancing our products and delivering new integrations, ensuring that customers can capitalise on the out of the box functionality whilst saving costs, maximising efficiency and scaling their businesses

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Why do our Partners favour 9 as their service provider when larger organisations can pitch all the potential attractions of scale and familiarity? The answer is devastatingly simple. At 9, we are committed and equipped to go way beyond the simple provision of products at a compelling price. We recognise that our Partners sit one place away from the end business customer, so by investing in bespoke services and support that can directly help them to position and sell their own products and services effectively, we can all win.

Our “Free to Perform” mantra perfectly describes this approach and how we bring it to life. By allowing our Partners to focus on the job in hand, namely driving their own business forwards, we can transform the rate at which they can achieve their objectives. For example, we recognise that business customers are increasingly well informed and demanding. Changes in regulation and compliance such as GDPR and e-privacy abound. In addition, making the correct choices around communications infrastructure has become critical as business processes become ever more digitally based and integrated. We are energetically proactive in helping our Partners to understand these market dynamics and how best to respond advantageously to them.

Breaking in to new market areas is not straightforward, but 9 can share the practical tools and tips that our Partners require to succeed. We are neither prescriptive nor formulaic and prefer to work individually with each Partner to identify what specifically we can do to help then succeed. Maybe it is by offering a managed billing solution to ensure that the nuances of a new product area do not handicap their ability to invoice and collect payments on time. Perhaps it will be award winning marketing support to help them construct campaigns that actually make a difference to lead generation. Alternatively, they may adopt our Virtual Office solution which removes the burden of provisioning and customer support, allowing our Partners to spend more time on business growth.

We take care to understand why a Partner may want to expand their product portfolio, or realign their sales approach. For example, everyone in our sector is championing the need to respond to the demise of BT’s copper-based line rental products in 2025. However, we believe that simply saying stop selling that and sell this instead is no way to succeed. Our range of Mitel based, eve hosted voice and SIP trunk services present a welcome alternative to the me too BroadSoft or other unproven solutions, but it is the advice, collateral and support that we provide to help our Partners to sell eve that is our differentiator.

The increasing convergence of IT and Communications markets presents a scintillating opportunity for our Partners, so having a reliable, capable, proactive and supportive service provider could well prove to be of paramount importance. Our track record at 9 makes us a compelling choice for our current Partners, but we are equally keen to engage with new organisations who have the desire to win. Why not take some time to talk to us and let 9 leave you Free to Perform.

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Voiceflex is a leading telecoms carrier of SIP, UCaaS and UC&C services. Since we started 15 years ago our focus has always been the success of our partners and we are constantly enhancing our portfolio to address the changing communication requirements of SIP, UCaaS and UC&C. Not all carriers are the same, our delivery, features & benefits and commercials are adaptable to meet you and your customers ever changing needs.

SIP Trunking has been our core product for many years and sales continue to increase month on month. We have continued to enhance the range of SIP products and services to meet the needs of ever-increasing hosted providers.

In 2018 Voiceflex became Unify’s first and only Cloud Service Provider. We expect to be able to communicate in our preferred format be that messaging, voice, and to be able to switch seamlessly between these as required. Circuit is a very exciting fully blown UC&C WebRTC application, which can be sold standalone, however the full potential of the product is the integration of a vast array of applications tailored to vertical markets or individual customers requirements, this is before you add in AI and Raspberry Pi.

The UCaaS is supported by Unify’s award-winning OpenScape Cloud and Voiceflex’s award-winning SIP Trunk platform. A match made in heaven, come and have a chat.

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