Capitalising on customer value shifts and charting the rise of Big Button Comms

Comms Vision 2021 will explore the impacts of trends and trajectories driving industry change and customer value creation, and how you can prepare your business for sustainable long-term growth.

Topics and sessions will include:

Disrupting tradition and going data-first: Assessing new approaches to business model innovation
To create mechanisms for future value creation we must understand where customer value is moving to - data - and how to reposition your organisation to capture that value. Success depends on having a clear view of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and the shifts that need to be made in your business. It is true that Data is King, and that we will see the rise of data-first solutions providers. More and more customers expect data analytics services that offer real-time insights. A big question is how these priorities will redefine the professional services model, which must adapt to the demands of customers who value insights gleaned from data harvesting, control and management. Data generation and capture will prompt new approaches as data becomes core to the value received by customers. Therefore the real value of tech companies rests in a combination of technical and business understanding, IP ownership and the harvesting and management of data.

Build resilience and meet data-driven disruption with confidence
Key action points include developing niche specialisms executed with a data centric approach that understands customer value shifts, and which harnesses intelligent technologies and experiences, and allows customers to express their own ideas and flair for innovation.

Capitalising on data-centric customer value shifts
There is a fundamental shift in the industry towards a data-led services approach with a high level of personalisation. Now, it is key to look at what the future has in store as organisations move towards cognitive technologies such as Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation. All of which could potentially and over time be packaged without complexity and offered by Super Disrupters as simple Big Button Comms, meaning that smaller service providers need to operate creatively in niche markets to create their value.

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Innovate your way to success in niche industries
Uncovering opportunities for niche sectors to harness technology is one way to differentiate and secure your future.Comms Vision will explore the reasons why developing a niche market technology practice today could be key to success. And we will see examples of applications and use cases of AI, ML and IoT, for example, that will get you under the skin of specific industry sectors. Remaining relevant in an era of ever expanding choices, and being able to stand your ground by delivering innovation to niche sectors, will likely hinge on leveraging ideas, creativity, insight and personalisation, from a data-centric standpoint. So define your future today. Innovation by definition means more growth.

Re-imagining and embedding culture to drive performance and differentiation, and how to target behaviours that will be critical to your future
Do you know your organisation's ability to learn and innovate? Do you understand how talent innovation can improve business performance? Can you identify the 'people factors' that will drive growth and value; and why a range of capabilities, experiences and diverse perspectives is key to embracing fresh opportunities, delivering improved customer experiences and relishing new challenges? Comms Vision will seek to address these questions and help you break the cultural and people strategy mould.

Disruption and opportunity in the connectivity space
Comms Vision will also explore developments in Fibre, 5G, Wi-Fi 6, and the grand satellite projects of Mega Disrupters. Is it time to look beyond the boundaries of our immediate experience and view the future from altitude, and ask searching questions? Could the cloud computing Super Giants, those truly global brands, utterly transform business communications? Comms Vision will bring clarity to developments in the rapidly developing superfast connectivity space, and examine the potential challenges and business opportunities that lie ahead.

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