WebRTC: Step stone towards complete digitalisation

Unravelling the digital conundrum, by Paul Taylor, Sales Director at Voiceflex.

Every industry knows the power of digitalisation, but the question for most is how will it change our business? Will we lose our identity and how do we strike a balance between the two? We’re seeing a trend towards complete digitalisation across all forms of customer interface. With the largest being the move away from voice communication to WebRTC applications.

We work in the space of customer communications, where staff are expensive to deploy 24/7 yet we live in a 24/7 world. Most companies don't want to talk to customers for service and simple sales. The goal for the customer is to get what they want and enjoy the experience on the way. The challenge for companies is to express their culture via the 'net and for all departments to have the ability to relay their wants and needs to the Dev and System admin within a process-based format, as apposed to training support and sales staff.

The major problem is staff buying into the process. We all still need good people but the way they are deployed is very different in the digital age. Their interaction with other staff has and will continue to change. Extending the digital process to the front end customer facing function will require different skills to retain and grow the company.

Business leaders should make sense of enterprise digitalisation by getting the views of a number of consultations. It's big money making the change, and once started on the road it's hard to turn back.

Voiceflex was a pure cloud based voice carrier, now we have moved into WebRTC applications as WebRTC is the biggest single application that will move a customer from pure voice based application to pure web based one in small steps to complete digitalisation.